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Healing with the Ancient Celtic Tree Ogham: Oak (Duir)

This is the third in a series of posts about learning and working with the Ancient Celtic Tree Ogham, their energy and Spirit, use during meditation, and healing energetically.

We find ourselves now energized by the passing of the Spring Equinox and moving forward

through the astrological sun sign season of Aries. The next ancient tree that we encounter on the lunar calendar is the mighty Oak (Duir). This tree is represented during the 7th moon cycle following the Celtic new year. Typically, this occurs between April 18 - May 15, capturing the time midway between the recent equinox and forthcoming Summer Solstice. This midway point, which is celebrated on May 1st, is otherwise known as Beltane. The budding plants, flowers, seeds, sprouted growth and the maiden aspect of the Goddess are all celebrated under the guidance of the Oak.

The Oak itself, a masculine embodiment of strength, fertility, stability and practicality while manifesting and building towards our goals. It is a keeper of the threshold between the physical world and the spiritual world, of doorways we may be in fear of stepping through because of what we will meet on the other side. Oak is the Ogham guide that will remind you of your true and whole self and that your potential for growth is beyond great, just think of an acorn being the tiny container of potential which becomes the wondrously enduring Oak.

The Spirit of the Oak helps us heal by helping to guide us back to our own will when difficulty conceals it from us. It guides us through the doorway to inner spirituality by inviting you to sit in enduring, contemplation and then helping you to transmute your troubles to the Divine Mother, Mother Earth, Gaia through its deep, deep roots. Oak groves have long been used as a sanctuary, an ancient gathering place where it was considered sacred and safe. If you are lucky enough to be nearby an Oak grove, a walk among the Oak trees will help you to communicate with its Spirit.

Remember that even though Oak's most discussed quality is strength and stamina, this ancient tree would also remind you that stubborn strength still requires balance with restfulness. As the season of growth and new beginnings washes over us, I invite you to think about Beltane not just in the traditional sense but also as a celebration of all of the fruitfulness that our hard work earns for us. We must stop working and enjoy these blessings and benefits so we do not fall out of balance with our stubborn practicality and carefree enjoyment of life.

As with my previous post about the Hawthorn (Huath) Ogham, I have written and will be posting a relaxing and healing guided meditation with Oak (Duir) on my YouTube Channel, Sun, Star and Spirit to further your connection with this enchanted tree. Check it out if you are using meditation for stress relief, relaxation or spiritual development.

Most importantly, enjoy your journey with the Ogham when it comes to you.


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