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Healing with the Ancient Celtic Tree Ogham: Hawthorn (Huath)

This is the second in a series of posts about learning and working with the Ancient Celtic Tree Ogham, their energy and Spirit, use during meditation, and healing energetically.

As we have arrived at the Spring Equinox, Hawthorn or Huath, is the Ogham that is associated with this 6th lunar month from the beginning of the Celtic new year. Hawthorn (Huath) is used in Ogham writing as the letter "H." The time of it's energetic focus takes place around March 19 - April 20 and is a time where we see the first signs of early spring arriving. The Hawthorn tree, which is a symbol of protection, is also considered a magical tree protected by the Sidhe and should, like all of the ancient trees, be treated with deserved reverence.

What do we naturally do this time of year? If you answered "spring cleaning", you may be tuning into the energy of this Ogham already. Hawthorn (Huath) reminds us of the healing power of cleansing our environment and how it can help get our thoughts and goals in order for the upcoming time of energetic growth, fertility and abundance. It can help clear our minds and bring us more balance and focus as we celebrate the balance of Northern and Southern hemispheres of the planet experiencing equal nighttime and daytime. A balancing of the astrological planetary masculine, the Sun and the planetary feminine, the Moon.

Cleansing and purification can also be

translated to our inner selves. Many Christian people are fasting this time of year for lent, as a spiritual preparation for Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. What miracles are you expecting this year?

Fasting from food is a helpful way to cleanse the physical body. Fasting from negative, violent or divisive media, politics and entertainment can clear the mind and our spirit. Making room for what is good, positive and loving should be a priority all of the time, and tuning into the Spirit of Hawthorn (Huath) can help us do just that. Use this time to cleanse and purify your mind, body and spirit so that you have room in your heart center for the energetic time of growth and abundance ahead of us. You can use this time to align with your spiritual goals, inner healing work or your every day reality.

Do you plant a garden? Time to clear out the fields, garden beds and plant pots of the old, of what no longer serves us as we get ready to receive the new.

As with my previous post about the Ash (Nuin) Ogham, I have written and will be posting a relaxing and healing guided meditation with Hawthorn (Huath) on my YouTube Channel, Sun, Star and Spirit to further your connection with this enchanted tree. Check it out if you are using meditation for stress relief, relaxation or spiritual development.

I hope that you have found this a helpful way to connect the season, the astrology and our spiritual growth with the healing power of the Ancient Celtic Tree Ogham Hawthorn (Huath). If you have any suggestions about the Ogham you would like to know more about, or if you like following the monthly lunar association of Ogham trees, let me know in the comments below.

Most importantly, enjoy your journey with the Ogham when it comes to you.


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