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5 Tips For How To Use Your Power To Focus and Achieve Spiritual Transmutation

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Many of us live our daily lives constantly dodging sources of distraction. I know I do! Family needs, children, work, school, phone notifications and all of the other background noise that seems to catch our attention and hold us from focusing on spiritual development goals, such as transmutation.

Reaching an energetic ending and attempting to see it as a new beginning can be a challenging process. For most people it is not easy to maintain spiritual focus for the amount of time necessary to accomplish what we need to. I think for many of us our spiritual goals tend to be last on our daily to-do list. Typically, this is where a motivation speech comes in but I am not going to give you the typical speech advising developing self-discipline, or forming new habits - not that these things aren't helpful, practical and provable for achieving goals. For some people, that is just the right answer. For me, it looks more like pulling a few Oracle cards and connecting with my intuition and allowing myself the space to hear my Higher Self so that I can give you these five tips. After all, when we learn to trust our inner voice, our Higher Wisdom, we know that we are also connecting with love, the Creator. The Creator will always want to help you get to the next level, no matter what that looks like.

So what did I do today? I pulled some Oracle cards and considered the information from this beautiful tool of divination and how it can help provide some inner guidance to you:

Tip #1 - Recognize your power.

Firstly, stop looking for external sources for your power and realize that YOU are the captain of your own ship. Have you given your power away? Time to reclaim it! Do not be afraid of what others will say, do or how they might respond to your choices. Your power lies in the trust that you are making these decisions, choices or taking these actions for a good reason. If you really spend time with thinking about what is best for you, you will find that the answer lies within. It is time to make changes, improvements and re-invent oneself. Your Higher Self is part of YOU, so of course it wants you to improve!

Think about the level of power that is within you, knowing that you have access to this great wisdom!

Tip #2 - Use your power to direct energy and focus!

One of the worst things we do with our power, energy and focus is we spread it all over to the various things that may be distracting us or we give it away to whatever or whomever is occupying our space, our relationships and any number of other things. Remember that you can use your power to choose where your energy and focus will go. Therefore, you can choose what you will create for yourself.

Since you are looking to achieve the changing, improvement or growth in your spiritual experience this is what you need to focus on with full and loving intention. Choose your focus first. Spend time writing in your journal about it, meditate on it, pray about it all to help you keep the focus on your specific goal so you do not give up that manifesting power and energy elsewhere.

"Put your attention on what's worthwhile, loving and beautiful; that's what will manifest in your life. What you focus on is what you create." – Denise Linn, The Sacred Forest Oracle, Wizard of the Woods, 50

Tip #3 - Trust your intuition is guiding you in the right direction.

Where did you choose to focus? Did you trust that instinct? You don't have to dismiss those instincts because of the fear that all of the other things going on in your daily life will stop. They will go on and happen and you will be there to manage the mundane, I promise. We are talking about using your divine power to focus and manifest change and growth in your spirit and existence as a spiritual being. You do this through trusting your inner wisdom, your intuition and knowing that you know what is best for your experience and how to progress in it.

When you have decided on what to focus on, did you decide you need to focus on healing yourself physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Spiritually? What did those goals look like? Did you need to find a healer? Some of us need to seek the services and assistance of professionals. Other times, you will find there are people who are dedicated to helping one another spiritually, because in helping one another we are able to impact the entire collective consciousness. Yes, you may need help from others to achieve your powerfully focused goal and that is okay as long as you are clear about the type of help you need, you are realistic about how much someone else can do for you, and you are in a good place to trust the intuition that led you to that person.

Tip #4 - Accept that there will be obstacles on your path.

On any journey in which we may have to heal ourselves, learn to trust ourselves implicitly or just stop worrying about the opinions of others along our path to grow it is not lost on me that this is MUCH easier said than done! For me personally, writing this this blog, creating this website and putting my services out there for the public to see caused me pauses, concerns, many days questioning my worthiness and abilities. I am here to tell you that all of that is to be expected when we are growing, learning and changing. I know it is hard. There will even be times when you THINK you are on the correct path, your intuition sends you all of the red flags to take a new direction and you ignore them because your ego refused to let go. What may have appeared difficult to let go of, actually may turn out to be more painful to hold onto in the long-run. The obstacles are a real test of your personal power and how much you can learn to trust that your inner guidance knows what is best for you. No other person's opinion, judgement or criticism of you should ever shake that trust in yourself.

Tip #5 - Expect the BEST.

Lastly, expect the BEST. I am not saying that you will always get the best, but the odds are far more in your favor when you expect miracles as a result of your powerful focused intentions. Do you believe in miracles? There are entire books written about these phenomena. Read one! Do you believe that you deserve the best? You should! You are a part of our Creator and regardless of your choices, mistakes, mess-ups or anything else that might have shaken your power, or trust in yourself that you are still deserving of the best outcome for you. The obstacles are there for a reason, not as punishments necessarily, even though some experiences we endure can be very punishing. They are lessons to lead you to the next level-up.

You will find that with faith in the best unfolding for you that your life will change in ways far-exceeding your expectations! Hang in there and keep expecting the BEST is coming your way.

Have these tips been helpful? I hope so!

If you feel that I can provide uplifting personal spiritual insights for you or energetic healing please reach out to me with your questions or sign up for my services by clicking the buttons below. Peace and blessings to you.

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