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Healing with the Ancient Celtic Tree Ogham: Hazel (Coll)

This is the fifth in a series of posts about learning and working with the Ancient Celtic Tree Ogham, their energy and Spirit, use during meditation, and healing energetically.

So far, this Ogham tree, Hazel, is the first of the Ogham that I found to be strongly associated with the Moon, divination and visions. Hazel, the Ogham tree which aligns with the 9th lunation of the Celtic year, representing the letter "C", occurs between June 12 - July 10. During this time, we celebrate the Summer Solstice, Litha. It is the time where the Sun peaks in energetic strength and resulting in the longest daylight hours of the year giving way to the ones that progressively become

shorter. The Hazel tree has serrated leaves, grow in a shrub-like shape and produce the hazelnut. Animal spirits that can be helpful and supportive of the Hazel energy are the hare, scarab, crab, salmon and turtle. Water, the ocean, rivers and other occurrences of water are also closely aligned with this Ogham guide.

If you are looking for a way to develop your intuition, tap into the divine essence of knowledge, heal the mother wound, increase deep listening and wisdom, then Hazel is the Ogham tree that you will find incredibly useful. It can also be used to work as a catalyst energy for transformation.

The Moon in the beginning stages of ascent in energetic power moving towards the Winter Solstice and the Sun descending from its astrological zenith is a great time to re-balance your logic and rational thought processes with your intuition. Increases in dreaming, creativity and inspiration are positive and beneficial effects of harmonizing intuition and logic. The energy of Hazel, helps bring dreams into reality. Use Hazel to help open your heart to the creative inspiration that you are inviting in at this time. Since Hazel, much like the Moon, represents the divine feminine, receptivity and mystery it makes a great energetic tool for working with your female lineage, and being open to their messages. This is a time to seek the advice of elders and if needed, a mentor. This energy can also support one becoming a mentor or teacher, if you are called to it.

When we are facing the energetic healing of the mother wound, Hazel can be very supportive as a path to this process. The Hazel tree produces the hazelnut. Like the mother, the Hazel tree provides nourishment and supports your ability to be nurturing or motherly to others. Just as the energy of this Ogham guide can connect you with your female lineage, it can also promote forgiveness, and help with surrendering the hurt of the mother wound for clearing. Its properties of being a catalyst for transformation magnify the effectiveness of using the energy of Hazel in your healing work.

If you are thinking about ways to use Hazel in your healing work, you can try adding hazelnuts, or leaves and twigs of Hazel to your altar, become more closely connected with the Moon and more familiar with the cardinal water sign Cancer which also aligns with this Ogham guide to incorporate their aspects into your journal-writing or meditation. You can make hazelnut butter, and as you prepare it, intend for all of your positive divine feminine aspects to be blended into the hazelnut butter. As you eat the hazelnut butter, and share it with others you are sharing that nurturing, inspired and forgiving energy.

As with my previous post about the Holly (Tinne) Ogham tree, I have written and will be posting a relaxing and healing guided meditation with Hazel (Coll) on my YouTube Channel, Sun, Star and Spirit to further your connection with this enchanted tree. Check it out if you are using meditation for stress relief, relaxation or spiritual development.

Most importantly, enjoy your journey with the Ogham when it comes to you.

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